Busy Weekend


I’m making a real attempt to keep up with this blog. It’s quite the challenge for me because I’m almost two, and there are a lot of important things I need to do. Anyway, this last weekend my mom and dad took Emery and me all over the place. On Saturday we went to a family picnic at CMOM. As you can probably tell from the pictures I was less than thrilled to be there. These teeth have been driving me crazy, but I tried to just “grin and bear it.” They tried to get me to ride a horse! I told them I had no intention of even touching that smelly thing, and then they let some strange lady paint on my face?! On the upside we had hot dogs and lemonade and ice cream sandwiches, so it could have been worse. Emery was lucky enough to sleep through the whole thing. The next day they took us to the zoo. That of course was a great time, my favorite part was seeing the crocodile! Until next week peeps!

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  1. Wow! Kinley is going to running that zoo pretty soon! 🙂 And Kinley, I LOVE the butterfly! I haven’t taken Kavya in well over a year (shame on me)! Glad all seems to be going well for ya’ll! Love you!

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