Kinley in the Kitchen


Not much new around here. Just busy growing like a weed. I’m in need of toddler size 7 shoes (tennies, dress, sandals, etc.) if any of you were wondering what’s on my wishlist for my birthday next week. For other suggestions you can check out my wishlist here I would also be perfectly satisfied with some comments! Here are some pics of me helping my mom in the kitchen. Cooking (for real and pretend) is one of my very favorite things.

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  1. “Hmmm, what do you think mom? Is it done?” That’s my caption for the the first pic. Her hair is so long!

  2. One more thing… We were making Key Lime Bars for Monday night dinner with the girls. For the recipe see my Pinterest page by clicking the link on the right. Of course we made a double batch. Sorry no pictures, they are all gone.

  3. Kinley – you are getting so big and your hair is getting so long and pretty!! I miss you lots, Love you Grandma

  4. Hi Kinley. I love to talk to you on the phone. You can really tell a good story. I will see if you get this. It is my first try, Love you, G. Gramma Kuku

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