Emery 2 Months


So, the last two months have flown by, and yet it seems like Emery has always been here. Any of you that have seen or talked with us lately know that Kinley is a bit crazy these days with teething and being two and a new big sister… it’s hard. She’s also crazy about Emery. The day is quickly approaching when she replaces me completely (with the exception of changing diapers “no, mommy do it” she says). She’s getting quite good at being gentle and soothing when she’s not having a fit. But, this post is supposed to be about Emery and we try not to ALWAYS let Kinley steal the show. Miss Emery is a very good baby, lucky us. She’s quite the little card when she’s awake, just full of smiles and gurgles and squeaks. She doesn’t like baths (yet) or being flat on her back or forced into tummy time (a lot like her big sister in those ways). She has pretty good head control these days, has rolled from her back to tummy a couple of times, and loves to stand (with help of course). Her best trick is sleeping though. For the last two weeks she has been sleeping 6 hours straight at night and two nights ago we did eight hours. This is great for me because I’ve given up napping in order to try and get more accomplished. It hasn’t really worked yet, but I’m hopeful, wish me luck. In other news Emery’s passport got here with plenty of time to spare and we are headed to Costa Rica on Wednesday. See ya when we get back.

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