Emery 3 months/ Friday the 13th!


On Tuesday Emery turned 3 months old. These days it seems like time is flying by just as much as it seems to be standing still. Can’t believe the year is already half over. Josh has officially started his fourth year of residency and by December 13th we will know if he has a fellowship and where we will be going, just five short months from now. By them Em will be eating real food and on her way to a good crawl (fingers crossed), and yet two more years in Memphis seems just short of forever. Anyway, this week we tested Em out in the bebe pod (read “little chair”) and she loved it. She’s still a little wobbly, but a few more weeks and she’ll be able to be in it for extended periods of time. These days everything seems to be a life or death situation for Em. Where Kinley was able to just lay and play on the floor when she was this age, Em gets only a few minutes, occasionally longer if K is napping because big sister is quick and thinks it’s “ok” to carry babies around by their heads. Lucky for all of us, Emery continues to be very easy going. She is one of the most smiley girls we know, in fact, you know you aren’t funny at all if you can’t get her to crack a smile in 30 seconds. She is also quite good at bring a smile to the face of each of us. Sorry for the poor picture quality. A new camera is on our Christmas wishlist. Also, a special happy birthday wish is going out to Auntie Kelly from Kinley and Emery.

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  1. I cannot believe that she is already 3 months old. It makes me sad that I still have to wait a few more months before I get to squeeze, snuggle, and kiss her beautiful cheeks. Thanks for the birthday love. I need to call you soon and get advice about what to expect with number two… so start compiling a list for me! LOVE YOU ALL!

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