I just know you all are going to be sooooo excited and surprised to hear from me. I have so much to tell you. Since Emery’s last post in July, we have been to Montana to see my godfather, Evan, and my mom’s cousin, Erika, get married (not to each other). My grandpa, Ben, came to stay with us, and my grandpa, Bill, retired. We went with daddy to interviews in Tampa Bay and St. Louis, and my Auntie Coco and Uncle Justin came to visit. In the interest of time I have decided to focus on myself and let mom and Em fill you in on what they’ve been up to. My biggest news is that I have completed my potty training and though I’m still using pull-ups at night (and sometimes during my nap) I rarely wake up wet. I’ve also completed my first Kindermusik class and gone to a preview day for a preschool. I know how to spell my name, and daddy taught me the alphabet in French. Here are some pictures of ME.

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