Just give me a second…


I must say that a million times a day, “just give me a second” or “mommy just needs a second, honey.” It’s naptime, and today for the first time in a week, both girls are asleep at the same time, AHHHHH! Anyway, I’m gearing up to do a “What’s in my diaper bag” post, which is a must if you want to be considered a legit mommy blogger (ha!). So this is the post before the post. Sort of like a VH1 Behind the Music for my baby stuff.

This is K and Em in their Ju-Ju-Be “Be Neat” bibs. I discovered these when Kinley was just over a year old.  Yep, that’s right, that bib around her neck is over a year old and looks like I just pulled the tags off it yesterday. And it’s not for lack of use, that little bib has had EVERYTHING on it, but I’m getting ahead of myself.

I’m sure you’re thinking, “a post on a bib, come on Lindsay, really? At least you posted a picture” (@ my mother), but just give me a second, they have earned it. Everyone who has a baby needs one of these (or more). Here’s why they are so neat…

Once Kinley turned one she developed a really bad habit of pulling her bib off. Those bibs being of the average, cotton jersey with Velcro (nowadays called “hook and loop”) closure, variety. This meant that everything dripped on the bib went everywhere, and trying to prevent this with a bowl of baby food in one hand and a loaded spoon in the other was next to impossible. Also, cotton bibs stain and Velcro wears out after several washes (only making it easier to pull the bib off). We had one small cotton bib with a snap closure (half of the problem solved). It was a favorite and was used so often that it wasn’t long before it was really yucky looking. We also had a bib that was a coated nylon material with Velcro closure. This bib did not stain, nothing stuck to it, and it had a pocket to catch drips, but the Velcro was not strong enough and we soon learned that this bib made the biggest messes when torn from the neck and tossed (contents of the pocket everywhere since it absorbed nothing). That bib also had the added disadvantage of being stiff which drew Kinley’s attention and made the pulling off and throwing more frequent. Also, when carrying a cotton bib in a diaper bag you should know that one drop of milk can quickly turn into a stinky situation if the bib is forgotten in said diaper bag. If you do remember to take the bib out and throw it in the wash good luck remembering to stick it back in the bag. *This may not be an issue if you have enough bibs to keep several in your diaper bag or if you are in the habit of doing laundry more often than once a week.

I have two Be Neats and they are pictured above, Emery in Fuchsia Blossoms and Kinley in Pretty Tweet. Kinley’s is over a year old and Emery’s is 8 months old (it’s only been in use for 3 months). Being that I only have two they pretty much get daily use (though Kinley doesn’t need hers as often now, Em does use it sometimes). These bibs have a hidden magnet closure, strong enough that even my big two and a half year old can’t pull it off. They are fabric, coated with Teflon so they do not stain, and they have AgION antimicrobial linings. Machine wash and line dry (they dry quickly), but I almost never wash mine (don’t judge me) they just get a quick wipe with a wet paper towel or baby wipe and back into the pouch they go. They come with matching storage pouches. You may be wondering why, if these bibs are so wonderful do I not have more? Well the answer is simple, I don’t really need more. Though two for the diaper bag, two for the house is a fine idea. Don’t let the $20 price tag scare you off. Scoff if you will, that’s a lot for a bib, but I can tell you that I have $20 worth of cotton bibs that look gross and this is the only bib I use.

Bottom line: Kids can’t pull them off, they don’t stain, and they never stink. Buy one, for your kids, as a gift, both.


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