3 Decades, 3 years (almost)


Things are slowing down a little. Girls are over their gross cold, but both still teething, miserable. We spend a lot of time chasing Emery these days as she can walk across a room pretty quickly. She walks like she’s on a balance beam and is quickly trying to get across before she falls off. Josh has one month left at the Med and then we are off to NY to meet our niece, Matilda. The tulip trees are blooming, there are buds on our blueberries, the birds are chirping, it’s almost spring in Memphis.


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  1. I love you guys. I love hearing your stories. I love hearing your laughter. I am so excited and a little nervous about your visit. nervous about four kids in one house, of Matilda catching some unknown, but most of all because it is so overdue and I want every moment to be filled with perfectness.

  2. 🙂 I’m feeling a lot of the same. We are working super hard to be in perfect health when we come, so we don’t expose that sweet girl. On that note, I spoke too soon and Kinley’s all stuffed up again, ugh. Disease infested Kindermusik class. Hopefully it’s nothing some Flintstones vitamins and a hot shower can’t fix.

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