So, once I get my life back in order, I promise to start posting more than once a week, but for now, Friday’s the day. Good news, figured out how to use the WordPress app, so I’m back in business. I posted some more pictures of the girls earlier this week on Facebook, check them out if you didn’t already.

New this week…

Emery has seven teeth and can say baby, ball, paper, and grandpa. She has started making the “L” sound too. She is also in love with bananas, clementines, and pickled asparagus. She loves to go outside and is fond of many things that Kinley is not, hanging upside down among them.

Kinley had her last Kindermusik class this week. She will be doing swim lessons for the month of July before school starts in the fall.

The girls got a membership to Children’s Museum of Memphis as a birthday present (Thanks Grandma Kathy and Grandpa Ben). Kinley used to attend a weekly art class there, and Em will once K is in school. We did a quick visit this week and were so excited to see that they are putting in a splash park!!!!

Last tidbit, we bought tickets to Costa Rica this week. Although we do a fair amount of traveling, I think this will be counted as our first official family vacation as we are not going home to visit relatives, or attending a wedding, or tagging along on a work trip for Josh. We are very excited to have a whole week of sun, sand, and salty water!









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