The Divine Miss Em


Everything is over the top with toddlers. Their anger is extra angry, their joy is glorious, excitement intoxicating, wonder awe-inspiring, and their giggles are contagious. A cookie can blow their minds and a piece of trash can break their hearts. Emery is no exception to these things, but… She is the funniest toddler I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. She’s a take charge kind of girl, no wall is too tall to scale, no puddle too disgusting and wide to wade across. She is fearless, and I mean it. Not a day goes by without several gasps in fear that she will break her neck or crack her head open. I am constantly putting her back on the floor, but nothing keeps her down for long. Perhaps a picture series entitled “A Toddler’s Guide To Climbing Anything” is in your future. She now knows the difference between “yes” (yeah) and “no” (no-no, oh no-no) and uses them correctly most of the time. I find her conversations with Kinley particularly entertaining. She loves turkey sausage, broccoli, green beans, blueberries and “dough-doughs” (name for any sort of sweet treat thanks to an early encounter with a donut hole). She calls bananas “bellows” and doesn’t have a name for Kinley yet. She says 10 different animal sounds and loves books, babies, and getting to do whatever Kinley does. She gives perfect kisses, not in the way that every parent loves their child’s kisses (Kinley gets slobbery and silly and will continue kissing until you are uncomfortable with being mauled by her), Em is all pucker, smoochy sound, release, repeat. Ladies and Gentlemen, without further ado, the divine Miss Em…


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