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Here, There, Every where


So, basically I could tell you this story every week… We get up, we do, we go to sleep. Mondays we take K to school, and try to clean and/or run errands, get Kinley, have lunch, nap, snack, play, dinner, pick up, bath, bed. Tuesdays are school, book club for Em and same as Monday after that. Wednesday is a slow morning, no school but both girls have Kindermusik classes, then lunch and same as before. Thursday is school and art class for Emery, hurry home, quick lunch and nap, snack in the car, dance class, dinner, bed. Nothing on Fridays, but it’s always something anyway, plus a blog post if you’re lucky. This is what we do. It’s busy, but not typically exciting and there are rare opportunities for new and different picture ideas. At the museum I’m lucky if I can capture the back of Emery’s head, and sometimes I feel like I only see Kinley when she’s sleeping (though I know it’s not true).  Anyway, hope y’all don’t feel as bored with the pictures as I sometimes do.

This week we took the girls to the zoo which has in the past been a weekly outing, but 90+ degree temperatures make it less enjoyable. It was warm (83) so the girls took a dip in the fountain. Em got a huge bug bite on her face (9 out of 10 bugs agree, she’s the tastiest human on the planet), Kinley got a pedicure. Then something exciting. We played hooky from Kindermusik and went to meet Ana Dewdney (author of the Llama Llama books) at Kinley’s school. She was amazing. We got to watch how she draws Llama Llama, she read two of her books and did a signing and took pictures. One of the parents owns llamas and brought them over to the school courtyard. It was pretty great. Last thing, I know you all want to see pictures of Kinley at ballet and doing her thing, but I’m very much against posting pictures of other peoples kiddos (unless I have their permission), and it would be difficult to get Kinley alone in class without being disruptive. The dance room is small and cameras are a distraction. I’ll keep trying, but this is it for now.

*The color on Kinley’s toes is Sinful – 24/7 and she picked it.


*Insert lame excuse here.


No really, we aren’t going to talk much. Kinley started ballet and tap class last week (pictures to come) and had her first school pictures and open house this week. Josh has been spending every other night at the hospital, so we have been busy. Here are some pictures for y’all.image image image image image



Happy freakin’ photo Friday. I’d like to apologize for the terrible selection of pictures this week. One part busy overwhelmed mom, two parts uncooperative camera dodging kids. “You get what you get, and you don’t get upset!” -Pinkalicious


K’s unique style

Random Memphis weirdness

Driving the fire truck

Hair shot.


K waiting to get picked up.

“That’s my mom.”

“Wake up sister!”


Em did this all by herself!!! 😉

Week of Firsts

Week of Firsts

As an adult, once you are finished with school and off in the working world, you measure your years January through December like a normal person on a normal calendar. That said, I’m beginning to remember what it’s like to measure years August to July. Things are so much different for school aged kids (and their teachers and parents too), and this time of year is so busy and just humming with excitement. It’s nearly impossible to resist the sort of “fresh start” feeling that comes with a new school year. Awhile back my sister-in-law, Kelly, asked on her blog “what’s your favorite back to school book?” [Kelly wrote an awesome post this week about a token economy she set up for my three year old nephew, check it out.] For the record, this is it. Kinley loves “My Brave Year of Firsts” and I think that the many times we have read and reread and gone over every detail of every picture is a major contributor to how smoothly this week has gone. Thanks Jamie Lee Curtis, I owe you one.

This week Kinley had her first, second, and third days of preschool. They mark the longest amount of time she has spent away from me (and not with a grandparent or auntie). On her first day, she did not cry though a tear might have welled up for both of us, they were quickly swallowed and replaced with brave faces. We talk a lot about being brave as Kinley is really slow to warm up. She has been incredibly brave this week, and although she is still reluctant to be away from mom, she is pretty determined that she will be a big kid and will one day soon drive and drink coffee. She will be having a first ballet class next month, so stay tuned.

Emery had her first book club meeting, Kindermusik, and Tot Art classes this week. She, on the other hand, loved every second… waving to everyone, trying to steal sippy cups, and climbing everything in sight. Her favorite things to say lately are “ouch,” “no,” and various animal sounds (“moo,” “baaa,” “woof,” “grrrr”) usually matched with the correct animal. Ya’ll are in for a treat this week, real camera pictures (huge step up from the usual iphone snaps I give you).

Falling into Fall


So, first the obligatory apology for missing the last two Fridays. Life has been truly overwhelming lately. Anyway, so much to say and yet I think it best to just say this… As a family we have many blessings, the greatest of which is that we are a family. We take care of each other, we look out for each other, and most of all we love each other. We are thankful for all of those who have taught and continue to teach us and lead by example.

Kinley starts school on Monday! That makes it seem like FALL. I want to put on jeans and a light sweater, and dress Kinley in her new school clothes. I have to keep reminding myself that this is Memphis and it’s 95 degrees and the leaves won’t change until November, ugh!